What’s your excuse?

Being a quid essential Canadian, I want to start off by apologizing. Apologizing for being a sporadic blogger recently. What is my excuse? When it really comes down to it, asy father-in-law would say, “It’s mice nuts,” meaning it truly is not important. I could give you a list a mile long or talk until I’m blue in the face. As Dr Wayne Dyer would say, they are nothing more than excuses.

Tomorrow I will be running in my 4th half-marathon. This one I have done next to nothing for training. My friend whom I’m running with asked me why I haven’t been. I knew anything I said would simply be an excuse. I simply didn’t feel like running. It’s one of those times where something you really enjoyed doing becomes work and is no longer fun. I had crossed that threshold. I’m running this race not for me. I’m running it for my friend.

Family life was crazy yesterday. The girls wanted attention and my husband and I both had little patience for everything. Our stress levels were high. I felt like a cannon ready to go off at any moment. At one point I quickly needed a refuge. Music can certainly tame a wild beast. The girls were watching a show, and I sat down at our sticky key piano and played an old favorite of mine. It helped to bring me from the brink to a new state of semi-calmness.

I have felt bad for not blogging much. I’ve been getting absorbed into the time sucking world of Pinterest. Instead of reading a good book, I’ve been pinning. Although I do have to admit I have not been completely wasting my time. I started quilting again. It was a long time coming to finish some projects. After 5 wonderful years of marriage I finally finished our wedding quilt. I have also been working quite a bit on my next quilting project. Ryan had complained I was doing too many Sudoku puzzles (another great time waster of mine). Yet he said he didn’t mind if I was to quilt while we watched tv. Hence why the quilts are now getting down.

In the end, excuses really only hurt yourself. Ask me on Saturday after my run!

Have an awesome weekend!


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