Pennies from heaven!

How often do many of us see a penny on the ground and think, it’s just a penny? I know I’ve done that on occasion. Instead when we see that penny we should pick it up and thank the universe for it’s contribution. When you want to attract money into your life you need to be grateful for the pennies you find.

While walking to work the other morning I came across a penny. I decided since I need to attract some wealth into my life, I would pick up the penny. My husband always tells me when the universe presents an opportunity you should take it. Otherwise the next time you are looking for an opportunity, the universe will pass you by since you passed your last opportunity by.

The universe was testing me, as I really don’t care for pennies. As I picked up the penny I had gone no further than a couple steps and found another. I had to pick it up as well.

Don’t scoff at the pennies. As a friend told me, they are gifts from the angels above. Be grateful for all gifts, large or small. Sometimes the small gifts are the best ones of all.


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