It all starts with a dream!

It is never too early to teach someone about the powers of manifestation. My oldest daughter started dance this year. At her dance studio is a trophy cabinet and she already has her eyes set on a trophy.

When I tucked her into bed last night I reminded her she gets to go to dance today. I had also told her a few days back that she probably won’t be able to go into a dance competition until she is a bit older. Before I left the room, she says to me Mommy, when I turn 7 I’m going to be in a dance competition and win a trophy! I told her to close her eyes and dream of being in the competition and winning her trophy.

Every success story started with a dream. Keep dreaming my friends.


One Reply to “It all starts with a dream!”

  1. What a lovely post Jen!
    Dreams get us going. Dreams direct our lives, our focus, our direction.
    Many people have forgotten how to dream or haven’t taken the time to dream in years. We get so busy that we never relax our mind and let it dream.
    I believe our dreams will happen if we have the courage to pursue them.
    It’s time to know and believe in our hearts that DREAMING IS NEVER OPTIONAL!
    Peggy ♥♥♥

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