Hug your kids!

In our crazy busy worlds it becomes to easy to get lost in all our activities, technologies, etc. At the end of the day we feel exhausted. Yet how many parents actually take time to spend with their children?

Spending time does not mean scarfing down a Big Mac and Happy Meal together while driving your kid to and from their after school activities. I mean truly spending time together.

I’m just as guilty of losing my temper and getting frustrated at the kids when all they truly want is some attention and cuddles.

I had read somewhere recently, before scolding your kids, ask yourself a couple questions.

• Are they hungry?
• Are they tired?
• Are they hurt?
• Or do they simply need some cuddle time?

Tonight was tough for me as I got upset at my daughter’s constant whining. It was upsetting me. I could tell she was definitely tired, and she was obviously hungry (she ate 3 bowls of Mac n’ Cheese), she also needed a few cuddles. Meanwhile, I also had to deal with her younger sister who keeps biting, pinching or pulling hair. I think this one simply does it for the reaction. I need to be more consistent in the discipline to get this one to stop the bad habits. I think I may have hit the marker in finding a weakness in her armor.

The best times together are those where you truly spend time with them. Let them help with chores or cooking. Do a craft; ride bikes; play a game they want to play; dance with them; play play dough; make a snowman; read to them; have a tickle fight; play superheroes/knights/or whatever else may fill their imaginations. There are so many things to do with kids. Be creative. Most importantly, don’t forget to show your love and give them a hug!


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