The story of spirit.

I honestly can’t remember if I have ever told the story of how I came up with my blog name. As mentioned in my newly updated “About” page, Light and Spirit are my two daughters, Reika and Reese. Before Reika was born, my husband was searching for baby names on the internet. He had Googled names meaning light when he found Reika. Her name means being or embodiment of light in Japanese, although he has had a hard time finding that particular meaning again. Talking to Japanese friends, the modern meaning of Reika is little flower, although a couple of Japanese friends were trying to breakdown her name, and said it did actually have a deeper meaning to it.

Now comes my daughter Reese. Reese’s personality is very free spirited to begin with, so there is no doubt she is the spirit in my blog. Before I even had Reika, my husband and I had been pregnant and had a miscarriage. While we were dealing with the miscarriage we decided to go for breakfast at a favorite spot near our house. We walk into the restaurant, and the entire place was filled with moms and babies. Ryan looked at me and said we could go someplace different, yet I really loved this restaurant, so we stayed. While we were dining, I kept feeling a little poke in my right shoulder. I looked over my shoulder, and there was a cute little boy who kept poking me. I asked the mom the typical questions of how old he was and what his name was (as I was still thinking of baby names since we knew we wanted to try again). The mom said his name was Reese (not sure of his exact spelling).

Shortly after our miscarriage, Ryan and I took our Level 1 Reiki course together. While we were meditating, I kept thinking of this little boy and I nicknamed him my baby angel. He helped cheer me up and helped keep my hopes up of having another baby. It wasn’t long after, we were pregnant again. We had decided if we were having a girl, we would name her Reika. If it was a boy, we were going to name him Rhys (this was the spelling I had chosen for a boy). Our little being of light, Reika, entered our lives in September 2008.

While I was on leave with Reika, we found out we were pregnant again. We let the sex of the baby be a surprise once again, and once again, we needed to pick names. We had gotten a bit exhausted trying to pick a name for the first child that we decided to name this baby Reese/Rhys regardless of whether the baby was a girl or a boy. We would simply spell the name differently depending on the sex of the baby. Well, our little well spirited girl, Reese joined us in February 2010.

That in a nutshell is the story behind Light and Spirit.

Have a fantastic weekend!


2 Replies to “The story of spirit.”

  1. What a beautiful story, thankyou for sharing it with us.
    I know Reika and Reese will live up to their names having wonderful parents like you and Ryan to guide them on their journey to adulthood.
    Peggy ♥♥

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