Humble pie (or should I say Pulled Pork Sliders)

Earlier this year my husband opened a southern style BBQ business out of our house. He recently decided to branch into catering and has certainly had his share of humble pie.

He has always enjoyed cooking and got into smoking meat a few years ago. He then thought, there aren’t many people doing southern style BBQ in our area, let alone Canada. He did his due diligence, and we opened our doors for business in May.

Last night I helped him serve pulled pork sliders at a local charity event. We donated the sandwiches in return for a bit of free advertising. Needless to say they were a huge hit here in beef country, and many people were surprised to find out we were a local company and they hadn’t heard of us.

It was so humbling for both of us to see how appreciative the community was towards our BBQ. I was so proud of my husband, and so happy to see and share the success of this experience.

Here’s to great food and some humble pie.


2 Replies to “Humble pie (or should I say Pulled Pork Sliders)”

  1. Jen it certainly boosts self-confidence when we back ourselves and come out a winner.
    It takes courage to open an own business……along with hard work and being humble is a great attribution.
    I wish your husband a long and fruitful journey.
    Peggy xxxxx

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