A Fresh New Start

Let 2013 be a fresh start to a better life. Just as a snake or dragon would shed it’s skin, we have shed 2012 from our backs. What has happened in the past has happened in the past and we cannot change it. What we can control is our now. Take this time to do what is right, to transform yourself into a better person. Be grateful. Be humble. Be helpful. Give up your seat on the bus so someone else may rest their feet. Live your life to the fullest. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Remember to give hugs even to your enemies, for one day your enemy may become your friend. Treat everyone with kindness and compassion. Most of all, in the words of Walt Disney, keep moving forward. Learn from your mistakes and errors and keep moving forward. There is no sense in dwelling over a failure in your past. Instead relish in your success once you create it. It is up to you how you choose to live now. Make the best of it.


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