A Night to Remember

Last November there was a buzz going around that Oprah was coming to town. Lots of us started to dream of getting tickets to her show. I got an email that Front-of-the-line had tickets, so I thought to buy some. I logged on, and the best price I could get was almost $200 per ticket. I just about choked. A piece of me thought to go ahead and buy the tickets, yet that would have been the selfish side. Christmas was just around the corner, and money was tight for my family. I decided to let it go. I let it go in my heart to be satisfied with not going to her show.

Christmas morning comes, and just after lunch I looked at my phone. I had several missed calls and a couple of text messages from a friend of mine who seemed desperate to get ahold of me. I gave her a call back, and after a bit more texting and phone tag we got ahold of each other. She asked how my Christmas was and I said it was nice. She asked if Santa brought me anything good, and I told her the usual. She then said her husband gave her a pair of tickets to Oprah and she asked if I wanted to join her. I said of course I would. I was shocked and humbled and grateful she offered to share her wonderful experience with me.

Our date night was last night, and what a wonderful time. We arrived at the arena early and kept wandering around in awe. We were going to see Oprah LIVE!!!! OMG!!!!! We felt like two giddy school girls. At one point she turned to me and said, “I’m so excited to see Oprah!” Suddenly this guy whips around. He was from one of the local newspapers and was asking people why they were there to see Oprah. Why not? She’s Oprah, right? Who wouldn’t want to go see her? We told him she was an inspiration to us, and we had grown up watching her through our teen years and into our adult lives. Oprah then spoke about a similar message: Why are you here? Of course her message also had a deeper underlying message than why did you pay all this money to come see little ole me.

Oprah also talked a lot about how your intentions, and what you think can become your reality. She told a story of how she wanted her role in the Color Purple. She auditioned and hadn’t heard from the casting agent for a few months. She tried calling them and was told, “You don’t call us, we call you.” She was then later told that “real actresses” had auditioned. She hit a pivotal moment and decided to let it be. She prayed and told God she was thankful and was happy for the person who would receive the role. She released it from her life. Shortly after that moment, Steven Spielberg called her up to offer her the role.

There is some truth to the old saying, “be careful what you wish for.”

Just before we left Jenn’s house for the show, she told her son she would bring home a treat for him. As we were leaving the show she said we needed to stop at a store so she could pick up a treat. Lo and behold, as we were walking to the train there were a couple of people handing out some little boxes. Jenn picked up one of these boxes, and it was some Valentine candy. Perfect! We now had the treat for her son.

I still feel in awe after watching Oprah live. It was certainly an experience of a lifetime and is hard to put into words the feelings. At the moment my brain is in that foggy aftermath stage so I feel that all the “aha” moments I had last night that I wanted to blog about today have temporarily been blocked out. Yet don’t worry, some of them will eventually come back. I just need to quiet my mind.

Until then, have a great week!


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