And the world can live as one!

While at the Oprah show, she talked briefly about a recent trip over to India. It was there where her eyes were open to the fact “…there is a commonality in all humanity. Each person wants the same thing…the human connection is the same…” She realized the father sitting across from her ultimately wanted the same thing for his children as the father sitting in America.

This is evident all over the world. We wish for our children to be loved and taken care of. We wish for them to succeed and be given opportunities.

My husband and I watched the Machine Gun Preacher a few weeks ago. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, it is based on the true story of Sam Childers, a former drug dealing biker who becomes a savior in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. It is a powerful movie about how he rescues and continues to rescue and provide sanctuary for the children in these war torn countries.

I know living in a developed country, you think to yourself, oh the problems in places like Africa are someone else’s problems. We are quick to turn a blind eye and often think it’s one less mouth to feed. Yet at the same time we should be looking at the fact that ALL children are our future. How can you show love, compassion and charity to those children separated from you by oceans, when the children in your own backyards are crying for help. We are too busy working to support our children to provide them with the “things” we never had in our childhoods. While our children simply want to spend time with you and want you to love them.

Oprah talked about how she took a glance at one of the Top 10 charts one year. It was for some kind of influential woman of something or other. Oprah was number 7 and this one CEO of a major corporation was #1. By the end of the year, the CEO had been let go, and where is she today? It goes to show you that power isn’t everything. Oprah then went on to state if we did a top 10 list of the most happy people, the people on the other top 10 lists would most likely not even make the happy list.

Money doesn’t buy you everything. Having a safe place out of elements to lie your head at night is more important. Sure having millions or billions of dollars can buy you the most luxurious cottons, silks and pillows to sleep on. Yet it is sometime having a warm roof over our heads and a simple blanket that can mean the most.

When will we stop living in such a materialistic world and start to enjoy one another’s company, so the world can live as one (John Lennon).


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