Enjoy the silence & listen

As humans, we too often are quick on our tongues, yet sometimes forget to listen. Listening can include listening to our inner voice along with listening to others.

My husband and I recently watched 1000 Words with Eddy Murphy. He is a book agent who ends up having only 1000 words left to say before he dies. He must figure out what needs to be said before he dies. It is time to stop the continuous chattering and start listening to both his inner voice and the people around him.

At Oprah, she talked about the universe sending little messages, or listening to your inner intuition. It starts out as a whisper. The little voice in the back of your head or the angel and devil on your shoulders giving you advice on life. If you are quiet and still, you can have no problems listening to this voice. If your mind is cluttered with noise, it becomes harder to hear the voice.

That is when life then throws a pebble at you to get your attention. If the pebble is not enough, a stone is then thrown. If the stone is not enough, then a brick. And if the brick is not enough, then life hits you with an earthquake. Disaster has now struck.

Oprah also talked about how the small act of misplacing your keys or your phone could be a message from the universe. If you settle your mind and ask yourself why you have lost your phone or keys, an answer may be revealed. It could be telling you to slow down. Perhaps there was a major pile up on your route to work, that had you left on time, you would have been a part of. When I wore my winter jacket for the first time this season, I happened to find $15 and change sitting in my pocket. I always love found money. In my added analogy, if you went searching for your keys, you never know, you might find some extra change that would allow you to pay some bills, get a much needed coffee, or get a new shirt.

It is as important for us to listen to our inner voices as much as we need to listen to those around us. It is our inner voice that helps to guide us in weaving our path in life.



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