I think I can…

I’ve been seeing this story floating around on Facebook this past week about the father/son duo, Dick and Rick. If you haven’t heard the story, in a nutshell it is about how the father, Dick, has pushed his disabled son, Rick , in 85 marathons. As well they have also competed together in 8 triathlons, including Iron Man Hawaii.

This story nearly brought me to tears. I think of my own journey as a runner, and of those people around me. Too often we tell ourselves we cannot do it. Or people close to us think we are nuts and believe we cannot do it. Yet we CAN accomplish anything when we put our minds and our hearts to it.

Rick was disabled from birth and had no use if his limbs. The doctors told his parents to institutionalize him. They never did. When Rick was in school he wanted to participate in a charity run for a classmate. His dad, Dick, pushed away his fear and pushed his son in their first run together. Rick later told his dad that while they were running he felt like he was no longer disabled. Rick inspired his dad to keep running and to become more fit, eventually saving his life.

My friend Jenn never thought she could run. It took breast cancer and a running friend to make her think she could. She is now hooked and is the spoke person for the Calgary Marathon as the winner of So You Think You Can Run.

I have always loved running, yet I never really got seriously into it. I’m still not a serious runner and I tend to only lace up occasionally. More so when I know I’ve signed myself up for a race.

All it takes is one tiny step. Right foot, left foot… You know you can do it. Anyone can. Now is the time.


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