Little Moments


I was reminded yesterday to enjoy the small things in life. I was telling a co-worker how we had just gotten a puppy on the weekend. She told me they had gotten one last year and looking back, she never really appreciated the puppy stage.

Belle is so cute and playful right now. I love watching her explore and her little puppy run and pounces. Our girls have taken a liking to her and they make sure she is well taken care of. It is fun to watch them carrying her around the house, wrapping her in blankets, and reading stories to her.

It will come all too quickly when she grows into the dog she will become. We might as well enjoy the ride while it lasts.


One Reply to “Little Moments”

  1. Ah the joy of small things! Puppies, kittens, babies etc bring so much joy into our lives and the time passes so quickly. Thanks for the reminder Jen to treasure these moments before they pass.
    Much love
    Peggy ♥♥♥

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