Live Mas


A friend of mine had posted this Taco Bell ad from the 2013 Superbowl on her Facebook page. I laughed and instantly loved it.
It reminded me of my grandparents. I remember my grandpa would always walk or ride his bike everywhere. He was a fan of the afternoon nap. And he drank whole milk and would slather a thick layer of butter on his toast everyday. He lived to the ripe age of 97. He was only a few months shy of his 98th birthday. He took up golf in his 70’s and would walk the course, refusing to accept a ride in the cart from the young guys he was paired with. He even boasted 3 holes in one during his golfing career. When he was younger, he could be found tinkering away in the garage or helping in the garden. When my sister and I were around, you usually knew there was going to be a walk down to the park to go play.

I’ve heard comments from people that they are not going to celebrate anymore birthdays as they are getting too old. Or you hear of people who lie about their age. Yet then I hear from another friend of mine that she is ever most grateful for each birthday as that is another year she has been allowed to live.

Go out. Live! Live More!


5 Replies to “Live Mas”

    1. At my favorite sushi restaurant when they sing Happy Birthday, they always sing …”How young are you?” Life s wonderful. Life is grand. I look at the great lives my grandparents lived and look forward to enjoying many years on this Earth.

  1. I certainly cherish the experience of growing old Jen. It definitely is a privilege and gaining a little wisdom along the way is very exciting.
    You had a very wise grandfather.
    Big heart hugs
    Peggy ♥♥♥

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