What more do you need?

Recently my family and I were displaced from our house and forced to live in a hotel for 10 days. If you’re like my 4 year old, what do you have to complain about. There’s a pool and waterside, they have breakfast in the morning, and they even have a yummy afternoon snack of cookies and popcorn. This is the perfect life. Reika tells us she likes living in the hotel. Mind you she instantly unpacked everything and was the first to make herself at home.

For hubby and I, we viewed this as more of a challenge we wanted to quickly get through as we long for our routine and the comfort of our own beds. Ryan got the brunt of it trying to juggle our regular lives for a week from a small room then entertaining 2 young kids during Easter break. I at least had a bit of reprieve of going to work.

The one realization I came to while on this journey is the joy of my family. Having giggly fun in the pool with our girls, even when we feel completely exhausted.

I am most grateful to have a warm roof over our heads and to be with my loving husband, daughters and our new puppy. As chaotic as this time has been, it has also been rewarding. It has forced us to give our daughters the attention they have been yearning. I have loved seeing them rush to get ready so they didn’t waste a minute in the pool. The sparkle in their eyes as we got our afternoon snack. That is what is important.


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