Through Strange Eyes

It is fascinating how our perceptions shape our world around us. I recently got new glasses and had a significant change in my prescription. I ordered a new pair of glasses, and they forgot to adjust them when I went to pick them up. So no wonder I couldn’t see any better, and actually felt like I was seeing worse. I went back to the optometrist and she re-checked my prescription, and re-confirmed that indeed I did have the correct glasses. She then sent me to see their optician who properly fitted my glasses. Even after a fitting, it still took some getting used to.

During this whole ordeal, I found it interesting how our brain perceives life. You go around believing you can see clearly. Put on a wrong pair of glasses and the world becomes distorted. Put on a pair of glasses that are right for you, and everything becomes sharper.

Upon first glance we make a quick judgement of an object, person or circumstance. Yet upon further inspection, more details arise. The small dimples that appear when a person laughs; the tiny cracks in the grout on the flooring; the off standish person who is really suffering inside.

How you choose to perceive life is up to you. Are you a glass is half full or half empty kind of person? Is there a light at the end of your tunnel? Tune yourself to those positive optimistic vibes and your life will begin to reflect it’s true beauty.

Enjoy your day!


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