Just Do It!

I lie awake in bed. My alarm has just gone off at 6am in the morning. I think to myself I need to get up and go for a run. Yet the other voice says, I’m so comfy in my nice warm bed. The first voice reminds the second, you have a 10km race coming up in just a few weeks and you haven’t started training.

I reach over and change my alarm to 6:45am and close my eyes. I lay in bed half asleep for another 30 minutes before finally crawling out of bed. I put on my running gear and decided to go for a short run. I took our puppy with me, and it ended up being a short run. It was under 2 km and I ran about half the distance and walked the rest while towing a tired, uninterested puppy behind me.

First thought, this was a pitiful run. Second thought, at least I laced up my shoes and went for a run.

As I was running I thought of my friend Jenn McCrea training for her marathon. I remember her telling me she took “I can’t” out of her vocabulary.

I also thought of Nike’s long time running ad campaign, Just Do It. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_Do_It_(Nike)

I got out and Just Did It. One Nike ad that came to mind was of the heavyset kid going for a jog.

For me, exercising feels like a chore at times. Yet when I do get out there, I remember how good it feels.

The run was great. The weather was perfect. Cool, not to windy and dry. Even though it was short, I still enjoyed every minute. It only takes one step to get you started. So Just Do It!


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