Hair’s Off To You

A few weeks ago I was pondering life when a crazy thought came through my head. I was going to shave my head to help my friend, Jenn McCrea, raise funds for Rethink Breast Cancer. I quickly sent her a note asking if I could do this at her fundraiser. She was in awe I would even consider shaving my head, and she quickly got the ball rolling.


Almost 5 years ago, I met the wonderful Jenn at a baby’s and you class we both attended. We were to introduce ourselves.

My name is Jen, my daughter’s name is Reika. She was born at the Rockyview General on September 23rd, and we live in Copperfield.

As I was saying my info, Jenn thought to herself: I’m Jenn, I live in Copperfield, and my son was born September 23rd at the Rockyview General. We instantly connected, and soon became great friends.

Shortly after Reika was born, I had a feeling I needed to run a half-marathon. That’s 21.1 km or 13 miles. I tried signing up for a race and it was full. It turned out alright as a few months later I was pregnant with my second daughter.

When my second daughter, Reese was born, I decided I was going to finally do the Melissa’s Road Race. When Reese was 1, I finally did the Melissa’s. This was the same year Jenn was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was following my Facebook posts about my training progress, and after her double mastectomy, she took “I can’t” out of her vocabulary and decided to become a runner.

After her first race, she became hooked. Last year we did two half-marathons together. This year, Jenn is doing her first full marathon.

Through our running, we have been an inspiration to each other. Last year I sported pink hair extensions for Jenn during the half portion of the Calgary Marathon. This year I will be running the 10km with a shaved head in honor of the brave young women fighting, or who have fought breast cancer.

I may not be fast, yet I’ll be running; and Jenn, I’ll be there to cheer you across the finish line!

20130512-003803.jpg Photo courtesy of Douglas Dixon Photography


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