Life will go on


365 Days of Inspiration – by Impact

As painful as it is to have a massive loss of possessions, life will endure. Do we truly need everything we had? Looking at my house and trying to remember all the contents that were lost; I find it amazing at how much “stuff” we had. With help of family and friends, we gathered up our belongings from upstairs that were untouched in the flood and packed some up so as we clean our place, they won’t be impacted. I need to do some serious purging.

As a silver lining, it is an opportunity to purge our lifestyle. It is a time for cleansing. It is a time to rebuild and refocus. It is a time to figure out what is most important in our lives.

Our whole community was impacted by this flood. It is not just a few homes, it is our town. It is a moment to rise together to strengthen the bond in our community and to showcase small town living at it’s best.

I am grateful for all the volunteers. For all the new friendships, and for all the prayers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and cannot express in words the gratitude I feel.

God created the rainbow as a promise he would never destroy the Earth again. Life will go on. It is a new day!


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