A new kind of normal!

It has been almost 4 weeks since the waters of the Highwood spilled their banks. The quaint town of High River was devastated by this disaster. Home after home has had at least the basement gutted, with people’s lives heaped in a giant pile on the front lawn. Driving through the streets it is the same. Heaps and more heaps. Lost souls wandering through the town trying to figure out where to start. Each person mourning over their losses only to step outside to see the rest of the neighbourhood, the rest of the town in shambles.

Tensions are high. Residents want to start rebuilding their lives. There are many unanswered questions.

Driving through Section 1 as it’s now called, life is starting to look like normal. Lawns are manicured and recovering; the heaps have been removed. My in-laws house looks almost like nothing ever happened. Look in the basements however, and lives have been gutted.

Some families have no house to return to. Even if still structurally sound, the houses have been attacked by mould. Some people will never return, broken by this flood. Others will persevere and carry on. Slowly picking up the pieces. All we ask for are answers. Answers on what measures need to be taken to protect properties from future floods. Answers on where do people relocate should they abandon their homes.

It will be a slow process. We will rise again.


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