Lazy days

I am grateful for my little girls. Even as they grow older, they will always remain my little girls in my heart.

It is awesome to see my little girls learn and grow. They are turning into beautiful young women. As my oldest turned 5 last week, I was reminded of the toast my dad gave at my wedding. He talked about where did the time go. As I look back at the past 5 years, it feels like where did the time go. You blink your eyes and then everything has changed.



My kids want to big, yet when you become an adult you wish for youthfulness and the sweet innocence of childhood.

It is so cute seeing their imaginations take off. Remember to let kids be kids and have some play time.

Enjoy them while they are small as they will soon be big and a little bigger.


One Reply to “Lazy days”

  1. Two beautiful young girls and all too soon they will be big girls, like you said in the blink of an eye. Lovely photos Jen. Give them a big hug from me. ♥♥♥

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