Wake up and take charge

There are times in life where it is easy to descend the downward spiral. Down, down, down into the depths of hell. It is easy to pick up on the pitty party vibe. To sit and wallow away in our sorrows.


I’m using vulgar tones as that is the way I feel deep down inside. It is time to take charge of your own life. YOU and only you are the creator of your life. You are the one who can change things.

So you’re waiting to remediate your home. What are you actually doing? Is insurance helping you, or government assistance? No? Can you afford to hire a contractor? No? So what are you doing? Instead of sitting complaining, why not figure out what you can do for yourself. Your mommy ain’t gonna spoon feed you anymore. It’s time to pull up those granny panties and do something yourself. Why not put together a work crew of your friends and family to help rebuild your house? Why not contact one of the many volunteer groups and let them know help is still needed?

People feel sadden by the state of our town. It is time to pull up our socks and help each other out. If no one else is going to help, why can we not rebuild our town together?

Enough flood rant. What about those folks who complain their lives are not how they imagined? Or they want to loose weight? Or you want to make some kind of change?

It is up to you! You are your life creator! Stop staring at the closed door and look for the better one that opened next to it!

I’ve been reading Neale Donald Walsch’s book, What God Said. In his book he talks about

…change the words “I hope” to the words “I feel very sure” or even ” I have faith” that all will occur in perfect order…as you slowly eliminate “I hope” from your vocabulary, switch from “I feel sure” or “I have faith” to “I know.”

I know our town is going to survive. I know I can loose weight. I know I can change my life.

It may take time. Yet I’m in control here!


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