I was reminded this morning we have many purposes in life. We often times are too focused on the future and trying to figure out our grand master plan that we are often blinded to the small purposes that make up and lead up to the grand scheme. In Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s meditation experience, they reminded me our purpose in the now can be something as simple as smiling at a person as we walk past each other.

Many people say everything has a purpose, and so it does. We are always meant to be where we are at each precise moment of time. Each experience we encounter helps to teach and guide us through the maze of life. When we focus on the present we become aware of the small details. The small moments often become some of our greatest moments.

We can each make a difference. Each small act of kindness will start a ripple of kindness, just as a pebble dropped into a still lake creates a ripple.

Your purpose in life is to live each small purpose as though it is your greatest achievement. As we focus on our small purposes our grand purpose may be revealed down the path.



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