It’s a New Year!


What a year 2013 was! Looking back, it was certainly a year that tested my faith, relationships, and everything in between. I was reading a fellow blogging friend’s blog today about her word for 2014. It is “determination.” Her word for 2013 was “surrender.” ( Surrender can pretty much sum up 2013 for me. It was a time to surrender and go with the flow. And I mean go with the flow quite literally and figuratively after having dealt with June’s floods.

For 2014, I certainly feel determined. I’m determined to get our lives back on track. I want our family eating healthy again, and I want our house and yard to be back to a sense of normal. We are getting closer with the house and will have to wait for spring to fix the yard. So many of my friends have been enduring battles this past year; 2014 will be the year to turn those battles around and reach victory!

You could say my word for the year is VICTORY!

According to Meriam-Webster dictionary at, victory means

achievement of mastery or success In a struggle or endeavour against odds or difficulties.

I am going to succeed. I will take control and be the victor of my life!

Happy New Year everyone!


3 Replies to “It’s a New Year!”

  1. Happy 2014 Jen!
    I am so pleased you have chosen a word to focus on in 2014.
    Victory is a fabulous word and now that 2013 is in the past and you have endured all that was thrown at you, victory will be yours in 2014.
    Warmest hugs
    Peggy ♥♥♥

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