I love to watch a snowfall, especially the kind with big, fluffy flakes. It was snowing out the other day. I was sitting on the floor and playing with the kids when I paused to look out the window at the softly falling snow. The clouds were grey, and the snow seemed to materialize out of no where, like being stuck in the miniature house in a snow globe.

It was beautiful to watch. Each snowflake is beautiful in it’s own rights. Crafted in precision by nature. Each crystal unique.

It is nice to lay back and watch the marvels of the universe unfold before your very eyes. And fun to be a kid again and try to catch the snowflakes on your tongue.

This is a picture taken from my dining room window of our lilac bushes covered in a blanket of beautiful snow.


After a snowfall the landscape is just as beautiful, blanketed in white. The pristine fields, untouched, sparkle and shimmer as the light reflects off the fallen snow.

As beautiful as each snowflake is, so is each person. And each person is needed in order to make our world a beautiful place, just as each snowflake is needed to create the wintery scene.



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