The Right Thing

Morality: Doing what is right regardless of what you are told. Obedience: Doing what you are told regardless of what is right. – Soul Guidance (Each One Reach One & Teach One

In life we are faced with the challenge of following our hearts and doing what we know to be right, or falling in line and doing as we’re told. From a young age we are taught to do as we’re told. There is a fear, there is an astigmatism for those who choose to speak out of turn. We may fear losing those close to us, or we may fear losing our jobs or our livelihoods, or simply losing face.

Obedience is based around fear. There is one thing to be loyal, yet there is another thing to be loyal to yourself first.

My husband and I have been enjoying watching Merlin recently. King Arthur had to make a decision. Was he to rule his kingdom as his father ruled it, with fear and might. Or should he rule from his heart with kindness and compassion. Those who were of the old traditions believed he should prove how tough he is. Not to mention, he should marry someone of royal blood. Yet he knew he was not his father. He choose to rule his kingdom with compassion and true love. The round table was brought forth to show each man was equal.

Follow your heart, as it knows the way.



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