Let it be!

One thing I have learned, especially after having kids, is you need to go with the flow and let it be. Too often we are concerned with having structure and plans and check lists, all while forgetting about having fun.

We celebrated our youngest daughter’s birthday this past weekend with a bunch of family and friends. Reese wanted a Brave birthday. I figured out a few activities and thought to include an archery tournament. Mind you this would be for kids ranging in age from 1 thru 8, with the majority being between 3 and 5. We did a few crafts, then simply let the kids be and play. It gave the adults time to visit and get the food ready. Next was dinner, followed by more play; then presents, followed by play; then cake and more play.

Kids need time to play. It helps them to express their individuality. There are parts of us that yearn for kids to grow up, while we want them to stay young, cute and innocent forever. Then there is a piece of us that wants to be a kid again.

Here’s to presents, cake and most importantly play!


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