Happy Ever After

I believe in true love’s kiss. I believe we can have our happy ever after. It may not always appear as romantic as in the fairy tales or movies; yet true love will prevail.

Growing up I was not one to have many boy friends. In fact, I had less boy friends than I have fingers on one hand. Although, I did know of my true love. I knew he’d be my tall, dark and handsome prince. It is truly amazing the power true love can have over two people.

For me, it wasn’t the moment I laid eyes on him. Although there certainly was a sense of familiarity. The universe kept throwing subtle hints at me. I was blinded by them until the universe threw it’s proverbial brick at me.

Leading up to us starting to date, we had gone to a hot spring with some friends. My prince was trying to hit on another girl, yet I kept coming in between them. A few months later we snuggled up on a couch together to watch a movie. It felt very natural. It was then he asked me if we were dating. At first I wasn’t sure. Then I had a dream and knew he was the one.

Some people believe fairy tales are just that; nothing but a bunch of fairy tales. On the other hand, Legends (or stories) are lessons. They ring with truths. – Brave. How else do you explain the powers of our imaginations? The fairy tales do exist, the same as Atlantis and all other myths. Do you believe?


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