In the dark

Last weekend my family and I took a little vacation. We got the van all packed up with luggage and kids and were on the way to pick up my husband’s parents. I realized I forgot our iPad. Oh well, the kids will have to find another way to entertain themselves. Then I realized I forgot my phone. Now I’ll have to find another way to entertain myself. I was in the dark.

My husband asked if I really needed my phone, and we decided I didn’t. I was cut off from the electronic world, which was actually nice. The temptation to check my friends’ Facebook statuses wasn’t their. Pinterest wasn’t there. It meant I actually read my book in the car. No iPad either meant the kids used their imaginations to play with each other.

You don’t realize how much society depends on technology. My kids have beautiful vivid imaginations. My husband and I actually paid attention to each other’s conversations. We should actually unplug on a regular basis, as a human touch and connection is more powerful than an electronic interaction.


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