Bald is Beautiful



A little over a year ago I shaved my head for a wonderful friend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. She was a lucky one. They caught it in the early stages, and she was able to avoid chemo and radiation. Yet her courage to fight and live a life to it’s fullest continues to inspire me and others around her.

Jenn, I thank you. I was scared to shave my head. Yet I figured it was only hair, it would grow back. It is minor fear compared to what you and so many others have faced. After a year, I have come to appreciate my short hair, and rather enjoying having short hair.

I also thank you for sharing the video montage of the group of friends who shaved their heads in support of a friend with breast cancer.

I want to remind everyone, make sure to give yourself a monthly breast exam.

Also, embrace your beauty. Beauty is not just made up of long hair and a perfect body. Beauty is made up of your personality. It is the beautiful smile and the twinkle in your eyes. Everyone is beautiful. Hair or no hair!


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