Never give up – Jen’s version

Life has been pretty hectic lately and at times a bit crazy. I’ve been reminded of a few things; first, life is like running a race; secondly, don’t forget to laugh.

Life is like running a race. It doesn’t matter the distance; to me they are all the same. You have the small group of elite runners who strive to win. You have the group who wants to meet or exceed their PB (that would be personal best, not peanut butter). You have those who are passionate about the cause. Those who are trying to better their lives. And those who simply want to finish the race.

One of my last races I entered, I ran to support a friend. I started out at her pace (too fast for me), and by about kilometer 15 of 21, I lost it. I was ready to throw myself on the ground and cry. I wanted to quit. Yet I told myself no. I told myself, Jenn (my friend) would never quit. She would drag her sorry ass crawling across the finish line if need be. I choose to walk most of the rest of the way and managed to earn a PB.

When life gets difficult, we need to remember to “Keep moving forward,” as Walt Disney would say. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will eventually cross that finish line.

The other half of my story. Don’t forget to laugh. My husband and I recently saw humorist Phil Callaway. He came to shed some humor back in our devastated town.

We too often get caught up in life and forget to see the softer side. We end up rushing, we get angry at the slightest pin drop, and we forget to laugh.

I ended up having a nap this weekend. After my nap, my husband informed me our girls had been playing outside naked in the front yard. Instead of getting upset, I simply laughed and said, at least they are enjoying their childhood. Now to teach them to at least put underwear on.

No matter the situation, you always have the choice of how you will react. Try looking on the lighter side and laugh about!

Until next time!


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