Bird watching

The other day I was reminded about bird watching by a fellow co-worker. He told a few of us about these three pillars sitting in a field outside his office window in which a hawk likes to perch, bask, and dine. In fact, this co-worker knew quite a bit about this hawk as he has been observing it for awhile. He actually mentioned people have started sending him bird watching books, as he can often be found watching the birds from his office window.

Bird watching can be quite relaxing and amusing at the same time. My grandmother is currently in a hospice and they have a bird feeder hanging on her window. The feeder was nearly empty the other day while we were visiting, so my uncle got some more feed from the nurses and we filled the feeder back up. It was fun watching those birds that day. They were incredible. It was as though they were starving and hadn’t eaten in months. Some would fight each other for “pecking order” even when there was a perch available right beside the other bird. Each would take its turn. The birds certainly acted as a buffer, lightening up the atmosphere.

Remember to take a few minutes, whether it be while you are out for a walk, doing the dishes, or stuck in traffic to stop and watch the birds.


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