Move on

Whether it be a tragedy, a death, a break up or simply a change in your life, you must learn and move on.

It has been just over a year since Canada’s worst natural disaster struck the beautiful town I live in. Sure there have been hardships and heart aches, yet you must pick up and keep moving forward. Yes they are still people who need help and are getting frustrated with the system. Don’t give up. If you must rebuild your home on your own on board at a time in your spare time, then do that. We will survive, life will go on. Keep moving forward.

My grandma recently passed away. She was a wonderful lady and lived a good life. One lesson I learned from her is you must live your life to the fullest. Enjoy every minute and do not let your hardships get you down.

Of course it is sad when we lose a loved one. Yet we need to remember the good times we had with them, and we need to move on. We’re calling my grandma’s memorial a party for her, and it certainly won’t be of the traditional manner. My gram actually wanted us to all gather at a casual restaurant in memory of her.

Many times it is hard to let go. Be grateful for the time we have spent with loved ones and remember they will forever be in our hearts, then keep moving forward.


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