What Separates Successful People From Everyone Else Is The Incredible Faith They Have

I wanted to share this wonderful blog with my friends. There is certainly truth to it. I have personally lived by these words both knowingly and in my younger years, unknowingly.

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The difference between winners and losers is that winners know they’re going to win before they enter a race, while losers get struck with fear at the starting line. If you want to win in life then you have to have faith in yourself. The truth is that you’re really the only being worth having faith in.


1. Once you know that success is inevitable, you stop worrying about failure – and worrying about failure is what usually kills our chances.

Having faith is understanding that no matter what happens, no matter what difficulties come your way, you will come out on top. How could you possibly know that you’ll succeed in life?

Because you have faith that you will – you can feel it in your bones. Having faith gives us courage and convinces us that we are unbeatable. Most people fail in life because they see failure as…

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