Savor the moment

While I was sitting enjoying a delicious homemade cupcake at work the other morning, I was reminded of a life lesson my one Grandmother taught me: savor the moment.

When I was a teenager I helped my sister with her paper route. Our Grandparents’ house was on our route and we’d stop by for a visit and a snack every afternoon while delivering the papers. My Grandma always made sure to have a bag of red licorice in her kitchen for us. Like most people these days, my temptations could easily overcome me, and I’d be tempted to eat the entire bag of licorice on my own. Not my Grandmother though. Having lived through the depression, my Grandma had learned to savor treats like licorice. I remember seeing a piece wrapped up in Saran Wrap on the counter and asked her about it. She told me she’d only get one piece of licorice with her small allowance a week and she’d nurse that piece of licorice all week.

In our busy life’s today, we are often times to rushed to savor the moment, let alone our food. We are quick to purchase fast food on the fly, and tend to consume way more than we should.

This lesson can also be transferred to our lives in general. Again, we are too rushed to enjoy a walk in the park. We are too consumed with rushing to work, through work, home from work, to then cook, clean, and be expected to raise a family. In reality, we should slow down. Enjoy those small moments cuddling with our little ones. Actually slow down and taste the food we are eating. Take time to even make our own meals.

We can learn a lot from our elders. This week, make sure to savor your life.


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