Everyday is a Winding Road

I’ve been contemplating life and existence lately.

Life is what you choose to make it. I overheard a person explaining how she had no choice to do something. Yet, you obviously do have a choice in what you do. You either do it or you do not. It is up to you. Are you a follower or do you choose to blaze your own trail? Your will of survival may cause you to believe you were forced into something particularly if your life were being threatened.

Harry Temple: All right, pop quiz. Airport, gunman with one hostage. He’s using her for cover; he’s almost to a plane. You’re 100 feet away…Jack?

Jack: Shoot the hostage.

– Speed, 1994

You always have a choice in life; what choice you make is up to you.

…Everybody gets high. Everybody gets low,

These are the days when anything goes.

Everyday is a winding road

I get a little bit closer

Everyday is a faded sign

I get a little bit closer to feeling fine.

– Sheryl Crow


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