Wants Vs Needs

Our world is consumed by greed these days. Everywhere people want something they don’t have. Today consumerism consumes most of our lives. We are in love with convenience, quick fixes and keeping up with the Jones.

What do we truly need? What do we truly want? Do we really need the new and improved when the current one works just fine? Do we really need more money than we already have? There are ridiculous lotteries that pay tens of millions of dollars or more should you be the lucky soul to win the jackpot. Would you truly be happy living in the beachside mansion in a neighborhood you only ever dreamed of? Would you be able to keep up the charade of living in a neighborhood like that? Would you get lost and consumed by your ego?

People worry about money all the time, as we’re always told we don’t have enough. What is enough? Of course I have a wish list of vacations, clothes renos and furniture I would love; yet would I truly love them?

Last year taught me a lot. I learned life is more than stuff. What’s most important to me is my family. As long as we’re together, alive and healthy, that is what matters most to me. As long as I can provide food, shelter and love and nurture my children. That is what makes me happy the most. When I can provide a few wants along the way, it is a bonus.

If we all simply stepped back and focused on our basic needs once again, the world could become a lot happier.


2 Replies to “Wants Vs Needs”

    1. It is certainly rewarding when we can put our worries behind us. It is totally about perception. As long as we have our health, can meet our financial obligations, and can provide for our family, then I am happy.

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