Spread Your Wings and Fly With Some Kindness

It was the second day of school. Our oldest daughter came home and was irritable. I thought it was because she was tired. I was tired, and hungry and getting frustrated with the full blown temper tantrum our little sweet cake was throwing. She was upset because my husband and I wouldn’t play with her. We wouldn’t play with her as we were trying to fix a leak near on of our chimneys that had sprung earlier that morning.

She was sent to her room to sit out her tantrum while we dealt with the attic. My husband and I were getting quite frustrated with her. When I finally had a few minutes we sat down and cuddled together. When I finally got her calm, I found out the root of the problem. No one played with her at recess.

The lesson I learned is we need to be patient with our children no matter how much they try our patience. By remaining calm and acting out of compassion we were able to solve her problem. The next day went much better as she learned she may need to ask to play with some of her friends.

Problems can be solved as long as we’re willing to stop and listen to one another.


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