What makes me happy

Last night my husband and I watched the documentary, Happy. it was about finding happiness. To me, happiness is one thing everyone wishes to gain. The show focuses on what makes happiness?

Some people believe having more money will bring them more happiness. I believe more money comes with a price. A price of sacrificing precious time with our loved ones. Would you rather spend your waking moments being a slave to the system so you can save for retirement? Then at retirement you can enjoy your loved ones. Or would you rather make enough to get by and spend everyday with you loved, particularly when your children are young?

A few years ago I choose family over career. I had 2 job offers. One offered a great salary with the potential great growth and opportunity. The other offered convenience and being close to my family. The first job was in the city. It would mean commuting for at least an hour each way. On the way home the commute was usually closer to an hour and a half. That would mean my children would be raised by someone else and there would be no time for extra curricular activities. Instead, I chose a job within the town I live. I have a commute of 5-10 minutes. I can shift my hours so I pick up my kids from school. My kids are able to dance and play sports. It is way more relaxing coming home, spending some time with the kids, then making dinner.

Would I love to live in a mansion or a larger beautiful house? No! We have a family member who has a large beautiful house. There are aspects of the house I like. It is beautifully designed and furnished, yet for me it is too big. For starters, I’d also need to afford a maid to go with the house. Housekeeping is not my favorite chore, therefore, I do not need a bigger house. For my family and I, we have a house that is plenty big enough for the 4 of us. We each have our own rooms. Truthfully, we could survive living on one floor of our house.

For me, happiness is about spending time with your loved ones; being healthy; and taking a bit of time for yourself each day. What makes you happy?


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