Lesson in Gratitude

The other day I was given a lesson in gratitude. I was at the grocery store and had seen that pop (soda) was on sale. I decided to buy some, especially with it coming close to Christmas. I had really wanted a case of Coke to use as mix, and then something fun. The Coke was sold out. I decided to take a quick walk around the store to see if they had some on a special display. I could not find any. I decided to settle on Dr. Pepper and some root beer. While I was in line, I spotted a shelf that had a few cases of Coke left. I decided to exchange the root beer for Coke. I got home and took the groceries into the kitchen. I then noticed a trail of Coke all on the floor from my front door to the kitchen. I opened up the case in search of the leaky can and found a can with puncture marks on the bottom. My husband then reminded me it was Karma at play. I was not happy with what I had originally chosen, therefore, life took away a can.

There are many times when our lives can remind us to be happy and grateful for what we have instead of always wanting more or the latest and greatest. It reminds me of how our American neighbors celebrate a day of Thanksgiving just to stand in line to await the Black Friday sales the next morning. Did we not just finish giving thanks for all that we had? Do we really need to accumulate more stuff?

We need to be satisfied with our choices in life. We need to be grateful for what we have. We need to teach our children to be grateful instead of I want, I want, I want.

This is a picture of my child’s resourcefulness. She was thrilled to go through our recycling box to find supplies for her craft.


Happy Wednesday!


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