The Mysteries of the Universe

After a hiatus, I am back in the blogging world. I have always been fascinated with the mysterious universe and the roles we all at. The movie Avatar brought believing we are all connected into my realm of consciousness.

I later read a book about synchronicity, which furthered my interest in believing we all have a purpose and everything happens for a reason.

The other night I saw a Tweet about the devastating drought in California. My family and I had just returned from a road trip to California and saw first hand the devastation. Lakes and reservoirs were down metres (yards). The landscape was brown and dry. It was an unusually warm winter/spring for much of a Western North America as a whole. The drought was on the forefront of my mind. I was thinking to myself about all the problems of creating these mono crops and forgetting to diversify as modern agriculture is doing.

I then opened the book I am reading to read this:

It’s so tempting to think we know what’s “good” or “bad” and to get upset when things don’t go our way. But perhaps our purposeful universe isn’t so black and white. For example, California has been in the midst of a terrible drought, ostensibly as a result of human inflicted climate change. The fires have been burning through the state, and the animals are dying. A friend of mine suggested we need to gather in ceremony to do a rain dance and pray for relief from the drought. It’s easy to assume that the “best” thing would be a giant rainstorm. But what if that’s not what’s best? What if our purposeful universe has a grander plan, and it’s actually more aligned for California to get dry…in order for us to wake up to the gravity of how much we’re destroying our plant? – The Fear Cure, Lissa Rankin, M.D.

 I felt somewhat blown away. It is crazy when synchronicity slaps you in the face like that. It makes you wonder was that comment written for you to find?

I myself have been trying to go more grassroots. We have planted a small garden this year. I also have plans to build some rain barrels and a compost bin. I believe it is important to teach our children about how to be sustainable. If we could have them in town, or if we lived on an acreage, I’m sure we’d be learning how to raise chickens and perhaps even a goat.

We are all one. We are connected to all life in the universe, big and small. We are Gaia.


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