Dare to be different, Dare to be yourself

I was introduced to the song, Little Boxes on the Hillside, as a teenager and recently started to here it again. It is a powerful song about conformity written in the 1960’s. This song can still apply to us today. Perhaps we need to write a new verse. 

All the people with their smart phones

With their heads bent quickly texting

All the people made of ticky tacky

And they all look just the same

It feels as though we are all drones living a life made out of ticky tacky all looking the same with our heads down stuffed in our phones. We are all told by some invisible “they” about how we are excepted to behave. We no longer think for ourselves. The ticky tacky is sculpted daily. We search social media looking for answers and dreaming of what our lives could be. We forget we are in charge of our life. We need to put down the phone and live and experience life instead of “liking” how other people live their lives. 

Dare to be different and choose to shape your own ticky tacky. Dare to be the person you are meant to be.


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