The stillness within

Right now I’m reading Don’t Die with your Music Still in You, by Serena Dyer and Dr. Wayne Dyer. There is a chapter regarding silence and meditation that truly speaks toy heart right now. Our lives are so full of noise. In fact, I know when my kids have taken my phone and are playing games on it as I can hear the music to the games from down the hall.

My youngest daughter had a birthday party at a friend’s farm a short while ago. I drove her out there and relished in the peacefulness for the brief couple minutes. It was so calm and quiet without the bustle of the surrounding metropolis. For me, I feel more rejuvenated when I enter a state of peacefulness.

I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is something far from quiet and peaceful. Every corner you turn you are met with flashy lights and noises. Traffic, the casinos, people trying to sell you something. It was a fun trip, yet I am still paying the price for having gotten run down. Now my body is craving a sense of calm and peace. Not to mention, whole foods again.

It is important to take time and go within. That is where you become one with your intuition. Embrace the silence and enjoy the peace.



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