imageA couple of years ago, I was talking with a good friend of mine about how I used positive thinking to get the house I’m living in now. I really love telling stories and never realized my own life story until about 5 years ago. With some gentle encouragement from friends, I decided to start a blog, Light and Spirit Motivator. The name for my blog comes from my two daughters. Reika, meaning being of light in Japanese; and Reese, who is my baby angel. There is a deeper story to the reasoning as to why Reese is the spirit.

One of my goals in life is to help motivate others to find their true potential life. I believe we all have the power to achieve extraordinary achievements as long as we put our minds and hearts to it. We are all here to help each other out, to lift each other when the other is down.

I thank you for visiting my blog.



2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi My name is Lindsey Mckee Warner and you always pop up on the side of my facebook page. Your pictures and message’s are amazing and I wanted to say thank you for reminding us all of the fun, beautiful truth’s within us all! I have been on a spiritual awakening to my true self for the past few years and it is a breath of fresh air to see the soul and beauty in everyone and all things! Your a amazing woman and I admire people like you that spread joy! Thank you:) Lindsey

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