Our children are precious!

I wanted to share this posting from spirituallythinking.blogspot.com


Our children are so precious. Take time out of your busy day and actually spend some quality time with them. This includes turning off the “screens” as I had seen on another pin on Pinterest. I have been just as guilty as I half listen to my toddlers while checking Facebook. Who’s more important, your own child hitting a milestone, or receiving the text, tweet, status updat, etc that your bestie’s kid just hit a milestone.

Another friend of mine who developed the Conscious Pregnancy & Parenting Guide for the BodyMind Institute (www.bodymindinstitute.com/courses/bmi/conscious-pregnancy), had tried not to use her laptop in front of her child. When I started my blog, she asked how I was able to juggle everything. I said half the time I would write with one of my girls on my lap.

I have been guilty of telling my girls to wait a minute while I’ve been checking Facebook or Pinterest. The so called “Smart” phones are making it even easier for us to remain distant from one another.

I realized the other day I need to limit the usage of my phone in front of my kids. My 2 year old is obsessed with using anything as a phone. At least she pretends to be actually talking to people. While I caught my 3 year old playing with a toy that resembled my iPhone. She was off by herself while a friend was over for a play date. I then had to encourage her to socially interact with her friend. What a wake up call that was!

Get outdoors and play with your kids. Read to them; that is actually pick up the book and read it yourself. Turn off the tv, computer, smart phone, etc and actually ask them about their day. I love hearing about what adventures excited them, even if I can’t always understand what they are saying.

All I ask is to love your children! Be grateful they were blessed into your life! Now stop reading this, and go build a fort!


A Simple Shift

A friend of mine reminded me yesterday that everything doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes you need to wait for the universe to find you the right opportunity and let the pieces guide themselves into place.

I can remember my parents telling me they had to work hard to earn everything they have. When they first got their leather couch I remember wanting one of my own when I move out. My mom told me her and my dad never had a leather couch when they got their first place. In fact there are stories of the old milk carton coffee tables. I too have had to live in the dingy basement suite with hand-me-down furniture before I got a beautiful house. And our house still needs a lot of TLC.

Life is the same way, you generally have to take baby steps before reaching your goal. Even once you’ve reached that goal, you’re either tweaking it or setting another. As Lars Gustafsson of Bodymind Institute says, “It’s a simple shift that lasts a lifetime.”