“We are defined by how we treat ourselves and other people.”-Oprah Winnfrey

In her first interview with 60 minute’s Mike Wallace, Oprah said these words, “I am not defined by a show. I think we are defined by the way we treat ourselves and other people.”

This was an interview with Oprah discussing her show that would later shape generations. When you take on a challenge, do not let yourself be defined by whether you succeed or fail. Who is it to judge you? This weekend I learned that lesson in humility. I was so focused in finishing my race, I missed the last turn and entered the finish line backward. For I split second I felt like a failure. I was almost ready to break down in tears thinking I had wasted all my training to finish backwards. My husband told me to give my head a shake that I ran my half-marathon and met my goal. He then told me I could cross the finish line as many times as I wanted. I swallowed my pride, picked up my youngest daughter and finished with her.

You are the only one who can judge yourself. Do not try to judge others as you do not know their whole story.


Accept graciously

We are so accustom to hearing about giving and how we are supposed to give, give and give. Yet when the time comes to be on the receiving end, we often feel awkward and do not know how to accept graciously.

This weekend was one of those weekends I needed this lesson. My best friend came for a visit, I was having my jewelry launch party, my husband injured his foot yet again, and my whole family was sick.

My best friend helped me get my house cleaned and helped keep me organized while my scattered brain went through my mental checklists while I was getting ready for my show on Saturday. She has also helped to nurse us all back to health. Tammy, I truly couldn’t have done it without you. My mom offered to make the coffee cake I wanted, thanks mom for your help. And our next door neighbor offered to mow our front lawn for us, which was very nice of him.

I’m not saying to take advantage of people, rather, I’m trying to tell you to graciously accept the little gifts the universe provides from time to time. You are worthy of receiving help, even when you least expect it. Remember to give thanks from the heart.