Slow Down!

Have you ever had one of those moments where the universe keeps trying to send you the same message? That was how I felt the other day. First, I started off my day by quickly checking my emails. I love reading my messages from the universe to start my day, and this was what it said:

Fast takes longer when you hurry. Keep calm and saunter on, The Universe – TUT…A Note From the Universe,

I was later browsing Pintrest when I happened along this pin:



I didn’t feel like I was rushing or racing, yet I have certainly experienced the slowness of quickness from time to time. Overall I think it was the universe trying to tell me not to rush the moment. We have had to do some altering to our lifestyle in the last month, and perhaps it was a message reminding me that life takes time to happen.

Until then, enjoy the ride.


Patience is key!

I read this quote on the Finding the Peace Facebook page:

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. – Carl Sagan

As with all good things, they come to those that wait. Patience has always been one of my baines. When I set my heart on a goal, I always want to see immediate results. People experience this challenge everyday. Whether it be a diet they are trying to follow, starting a new routine, creating business relationships; it all takes time. Sometimes success comes early, and other times the universe decides to test your patience.

There are times when your challenge may seem impossible, or “challenging!” One thing training for my half-marathon taught me was to keep on trucking, the finish line will eventually come.

I am reminded of another running analogy spoken by Jessica Herrin, the CEO and Founder of Stella & Dot. She mentioned to view your challenge as training for a marathon; at first it seems impossible, yet when you think of it, it is right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. Do this a few times, and you keep increasing your distance. Eventually you’ll reach your goal.

I also keep reminding myself that people want to quit when they are closest to reaching their goal. Let’s keep trucking and keep putting both feet forward. You never know what your incredible is that awaits you!

It’s time to face your fears!

Everyone of us has some kind of fear. It could be any one of the common phobias, like arachnophobia, claustrophobia, a fear of heights, a fear of falling. It could be more complex like a fear of what people think of you. It is time to face your fears! Fears are only dark feelings conjured up in your head. As Dr. Wayne Dyer states in his book Excuses Begone, “do you know it is 100% true?” I love this line from the wonderful Danielle Redner who I was honored to meet, “What is the worse that can happen, they can tell you to F$*% off!”

I subscribe to receive emails from the universe through This was my email for today:

Dwelling on the unimportant, stressing on the unintended, and freaking over the unknown, Jen, simply doesn’t work… and are a bit like lighting a match in a dark room to make sure no one accidentally sprinkled any gunpowder on your bicycle, kept under the stairs, near the back porch, in January.

Actually, some of that wasn’t really important, but hopefully it distracted from any stigma you may have attached to freaking over the unknown.

You’re so adorable,
The Universe

I love these emails, as they are pretty much bang on every time I receive them.

I decided to face some of my fears. In order to make my business grow, I need to start talking to people. I have no problems putting my words into writing, it is the over the phone or in-person conversations of which I dread. As I mentioned in my blog about the life lessons from My Little Pony, you need to learn to be yourself. When you are passionate about something and truly believe in it, then why not stand up for yourself and your friends. When you act like yourself, and be honest with people, they in turn respect you and appreciate you for who you are. When you try to act like someone you’re not, people can see right through the lies.

Your life is your own. Make it your own, and do it your own way. Stop trying to be someone you’re not. I choose to make some follow-up calls today to ensure my customers were happy. As Stella & Dot tells us in our training, it is about planting seeds. I look forward to the day I can harvest the bumper crop. It takes time, and I have faith, and patience is always testing me.

The thought that just crossed my mind was thinking of superheroes. Hearing the tag line: Have no fear… is here. And then remembering a motivational speaker my parents took me to see who kept singing the Mighty Mouse song, “Here I come to save the day! Mighty Mouse is on the way!”

For 2012, lets forge forward and be fearless in our quest.

A Simple Shift

A friend of mine reminded me yesterday that everything doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes you need to wait for the universe to find you the right opportunity and let the pieces guide themselves into place.

I can remember my parents telling me they had to work hard to earn everything they have. When they first got their leather couch I remember wanting one of my own when I move out. My mom told me her and my dad never had a leather couch when they got their first place. In fact there are stories of the old milk carton coffee tables. I too have had to live in the dingy basement suite with hand-me-down furniture before I got a beautiful house. And our house still needs a lot of TLC.

Life is the same way, you generally have to take baby steps before reaching your goal. Even once you’ve reached that goal, you’re either tweaking it or setting another. As Lars Gustafsson of Bodymind Institute says, “It’s a simple shift that lasts a lifetime.”

More patience

I’ve been writing a lot about patience lately. Why? It is one area where I struggle most. I set myself a goal, and I want to see the results immediately. I get frustrated and at times feel like quitting when the goal is within sight, yet still feels so far away. There have been moments of excitement when you feel like you’ve caught the “big one,” then suddenly your line breaks.

This week I let someone else’s negative morphic field get in my way. Mind you I was over tired and did not have the energy to keep myself pumped up. In the end, I found a solution to my problem. The solution was one that pleased me. Now to turn around a few of the other negative energies that have been floating around me and change them into positives.

It’s not always easy, especially if some people who are close to you are stuck on the opposite path as yourself. Find a way to get yourself back on track. Talk to a friend, exercise, meditate, do whatever you need to do to remain positive. Most of all, have patience, faith, and keep your chin up. When one door closes, another one opens.

Have patience my dear child!

I have a lot of choices on my plate at the moment and some decisions need to be made. Of course, I feel like I want the answers immediately so I can get a sound sleep tonight. I opened up my journal, and a quote popped out at me, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle,” – Abraham Lincoln.

There are no wrong decisions in life. The greatest fear is fear itself. When you believe you will succeed, you will succeed. Have faith in the universe and the universe will provide. The answers may not come immediately, instead you need to keep an open mind and hear to find the answers.