Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! – Dr. Seuss


Life is beautiful. Like the shimmer of the moon on the fresh fallen snow. Find your glow and let it shine for all to see.

The Attitude of Gratitude

American Thanksgiving has recently passed, although we should make sure we are grateful everyday, and not just one day a year. This week there have been serveral things I have been grateful for. We had a big snow storm roll through the prairies this week and with it the temperatures plumetted. I was grateful for a snow day, as my car (which I nicknamed Santa’s sleigh) was in the shop. We braved the weather and picked it up in time to have for our winter driving.

I was also grateful to have the majority of our basement insulation finished, and also grateful for our furnace. There are still many people in our community who are without at least insulation, and a few still without furnaces. I am also grateful to be in my own home.

Whenever I have felt like I’ve been dipping into a downward spiral I start going through a gratitude list. Even if it only one small thing I can think of, it can often times turn a bad day into a good day. A good friend of mine was really struggling this week and was heading deeper into that spiral. I told her to think of at least one little thing to be grateful for. Even if it is something silly one of her kids did. And it helps.

Too often we forget to be grateful for the simple things. Even being grateful for being alive. We are where we need to be in each moment of time.

Thank  you for following my blog.

The Inside Story

Sometimes how we appear on the outside may not be how we’re feeling on the inside.

There is always a hidden story. And, it’s not always about you.

Hard Knox

“I get knocked down, but I get up again, ain’t never gonna keep me down…” – Tubthumping, Chumbawamba

Sometimes you need to take a hard knox approach to life. If life knocks you down, you need to get back up and start living again.

To take a more zen like, compassionate approach to life, if someone does you wrong, you need to bite your tongue and move on.

Stop dwelling on what cannot be unchanged. Stop holding a grudge. Be grateful for the little bit of help you do receive, even if you have to re-do the work to your standards.

Move on, move on, move on!

“Don’t look back, you’re life is not going that way!”

Humble pie (or should I say Pulled Pork Sliders)

Earlier this year my husband opened a southern style BBQ business out of our house. He recently decided to branch into catering and has certainly had his share of humble pie.

He has always enjoyed cooking and got into smoking meat a few years ago. He then thought, there aren’t many people doing southern style BBQ in our area, let alone Canada. He did his due diligence, and we opened our doors for business in May.

Last night I helped him serve pulled pork sliders at a local charity event. We donated the sandwiches in return for a bit of free advertising. Needless to say they were a huge hit here in beef country, and many people were surprised to find out we were a local company and they hadn’t heard of us.

It was so humbling for both of us to see how appreciative the community was towards our BBQ. I was so proud of my husband, and so happy to see and share the success of this experience.

Here’s to great food and some humble pie.

What is the worth???

My husband and I had a conversation this weekend on worth. He was explaining he was having some difficulty figuring out worth. For example, we have decided to make a bunch of our Christmas gifts this year. He is struggling with that fact for are we making the Christmas gifts due to finances being tighter in our household; or is it simply out of love? I told him most of the gifts we are making, I still would have made regardless had he had a job or not. What do you buy the person who has everything? If you’re somewhat crafty, why not make something with love that may be of some use to someone instead of giving them just another toy, or a gift card, or something they really don’t care about and would turn around to exchange or re-gift, etc.

Another scenario explained to me was about our cell phones and other gadgets. Did we really need iPhones and an iPad, etc? We decided the iPad has been worthy for us, as Ryan uses it for his business, we’ve used it on trips, and have used it for those few times we needed to entertain the kids. Our phones on other hand, did we really need an iPhone or other smart phone? Not necessarily. I usually use my to check email, or my WordPress stats, or Facebook, along with the occasional call or text. Aside from calling and texting, I could easily use our iPad for the rest of it if I didn’t want to fire up the computer. So in essence, did I really need an iPhone?

Also, about our phones in general, we decided earlier in the year to get rid of  our home phone. We had found a cell phone provider that had a plan that suited our needs and would give us the long distance plan we needed. Now did we really each need a phone? Part of me said yes, for if we were to go to one, Ry would have to carry it, and then what would happen when I went out-of-town by myself, which happens usually once a month?

Then comes a question, what is your time worth? In a job, you’re asked to write a proposal and you bill yourself out at an hourly rate. Since you don’t have a lot of experience on this particular topic, you take your time, do some research, and ponder what you want to write. You bill this out at 2 hours. While someone who is more familiar with the topic, it may only take them a half hour to do the job. What is the worth? If you’re paid a salary, you’re generally paid for your 8 hours a day, or whatever your contract states. If one piece of your job took 15 minutes to do, while another piece took you several days to complete, you’re still paid the same.

How your time is split between family and work is another question? Do you quickly squeeze some work in on the weekend when that is supposed to be your dedicated family time? Or do you prioritize and make a decision the issue can wait until Monday to deal with, then make it a priority during regular work hours. Mind you if you are on call and being paid to look at the problem on the weekend, that is an entirely different story.

Are you worthy of receiving a gift you could not even imagine ever to reciprocate? Are you worthy of winning the lottery? Are you worthy of a second chance of life? What is worth? Is it monetary, or is it different for each situation and each person?

Some deep thinkin for you on this Monday morning!

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