I love receiving my messages from the universe. Here’s today’s message.

Some things should just be done for the fun of it.

Not because they are inexpensive, practical, organic, logical, fashionable, modest, brilliant, green, expected, proper, spiritual, thinning, fattening, prudent, or GMO-allergen-smoke-chemical free.

 TUT – A Note from the Universe

Sometimes we just need to take the leap and follow our hearts.



Who am I?

Recently I have been down the path of “Who am I?” These thoughts wander into my mind from time to time. I’ve been interested in a career change lately. An opportunity has come up. I thought to myself at first, “Don’t be silly, you can’t apply. They are looking for 3 years experience.” Then the angel on the other shoulder replies, “Go for it. What the other is saying is only an excuse. You can do it. Look at your strengths you currently have. Heck, when you first applied to be an accountant they were looking for 3 years experience and you only had a few months. You can do it!”

In this I was reminded of the Dr Wayne Dyer book my children have, No More Excuses. Every negative thought I had I asked myself “is this true.”

I then thought back to my childhood dream if being on the high school basketball team. The first year I tried out I missed the cut. Devastated, my mom suggested talking to the coach to see what I could do to make the team the next year. I held up my chin and weakly asked what I could do to improve. The next year I was on the team.

I decided to be proactive and find out what qualities I may need to travel down the less beaten path in my life. Bringing my Girl Guide self to be prepared. We will see in the near future where my fate may lie.

We are choosers of our own fate. And I am choosing mine!