Meditation, and how my mind wanders.

My husband and I were watching Eat, Pray, Love the other night. I love the scene when Liz goes to India and tries to meditate. The clock said 2:59 when she started, and 3:00 when she ended. A whole minute had lapsed, and her mind kept wandering during that minute on how she should decorate her meditation room. This is exactly how I feel when I try to meditate. I sit on the floor and my mind wanders on all the things I need to do, or how I can solve the problems of world peace, etc.

Meditation can come in many different forms. I love to quilt. A few years ago my mom told me I needed a hobby, so I decided to take up quilting. I do machine piece it together, yet I enjoy the art of hand quilting. It is relaxing and helps me to focus my mind.

I also enjoy running. Although I haven’t run for a while, when I do, I love getting out in the fresh air. My favorite time is the early morning when the air is still crisp and the world has yet to wake. This was also my favorite time for breastfeeding my daughters. The wee hours of the morning, where for most (myself included most days) is an hour that is unheard of. It is a beautiful time when everything is still. Everyone is sleeping, there is no noise. It is calming and peaceful. Add a light snowfall or some fog to the picture, and everything becomes magical.

Simply taking a slow walk and enjoying the scenery can be a form of meditation.

To me, meditation is a time when you can calm your mind. Whether you are focusing on your breath, or focusing on each stitch or step. It is all meditation.



Courage & Strength

This past weekend I participated in my second half-marathon along side a great friend of mine. While I was training for my first one, my friend, Jenn, had been inspired by my running. After running her first run, I asked her if she was interested in running a half-marathon with me. She said absolutely.

We planned and registered to do our half-marathon this coming fall. The ever popular and beautiful Melissa’s Road Race in Banff, AB. Another friend of ours had gotten back into running and was planning on doing the 10km portion of the Calgary Marathon. We thought to register for that one as it would be a nice warm up to our race in the fall.

Wrong! Jenn is also a breast cancer survivor who is having her reconstructive surgery later this summer. She decided she needed to run her half-marathon before her surgery in case she dies. I still stood by her as I promised to be her pace car.

We both did awesome. Jenn was as much my pace car as I was hers. I gave her the strength and encouragement to get through the first half. She kept me motivated to run almost the whole way with minimal walk breaks. We shared some laughs, we shared some tears. She encouraged me not to quite at the 18 km marker when everything started to ache below my waist. She told me cancer didn’t kill her, so the last 3 km of the race are not going to kill us. At each kilometer marker we would cheer and she would shout out, “17 km, come in Jen, you’re beautiful , you can do this!”

It wasn’t until the last 5 km where I started to hit my wall. Having Jenn there helped me to endure the rest of the race. She wanted to finish under 3 hours, she did it, 2:59! I’m so proud of her. I was aiming for the 3 hour mark, and finished slightly behind Jenn at 3:03.

Jenn, I love you dearly; I’m super proud of you, and it was an honor to run with you. I look forward to our next race together. You are such an inspiration. You are so tough and strong. You’re as much of an inspiration to me as I am to you.

To everyone: you to can do it. It takes a whole lot of will power to know you can. Simply take one step at a time.



A moment to live for…

What is the moment you live for everyday? This was a question posed to my husband. I really liked this question, and I loved his answer, to stand in the doorway of our daughters’ bedrooms watching them sleep for a few minutes before going to bed himself. I would have to say my moment would be coming home from work and having my girls run up to me to give me a hug while yelling, “Mommy! Mommy!”

I read this quote on Pinterest today taken from,

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. – James Dean

Many times we become complacent in our lives. We start to take people and situations for granted. Don’t fall into mediocrity, life is an adventure waiting to happen! A friend of mine had introduced me to this song, One Life, by Hedley. It has some powerful lyrics about living life to the fullest. Here’s the chorus:

It’s a great big world and you’ll see, It can pass you by at light speed, You got one life, one life, Don’t stop, live it up, live it up.

Everyday, find your moment to live. It can be great, it can be small. Enjoy the small wonders and gifts the universe provides. Take pride in the few minutes you peer at your sleeping children. As Hedley sings, “(life) can pass you by at light speed…don’t stop, live it up.”

What is your moment to live for???

Have an awesome weekend filled with the moments to live for!


Never Give Up

This evening I’m feeling frustrated. I’m in one of those ruts in my life where I’m wondering what the hell am I doing here, and where do I want to go. I thought I knew what I want, yet here I am second guessing myself. I think it’s time to sit and re-evaluate.

The goal I thought I wanted to strive for is a difficult and challenging path for me as it takes me outside my comfort zone. I have been trying to do things “by the book” yet for each step forward, I fell as though I’m taking 10 steps back.

I read this quote today posted by a friend of mine on Facebook:

“I realized early on that success was tied to not giving up. Most people in this business gave up and went on to other things. If you simply didn’t give up, you would outlast the people who came in on the bus with you.” – Harrison Ford

I need to remind myself to look at the positives that come out instead of dwelling on the negatives. I have the fire inside of me to succeed. I have done it before, and my stubbornness has helped push me towards success. I have fallen off the horse (not literally) and dusted myself off just to get back on and ride into the sunset.  I did not give up on myself when the university was slow on processing my application. I have failed a course just to take it again so I could graduate. I have run a half marathon.

Perhaps the universe is telling me I need to refocus my energies at the moment.

My time to shine will come. I must be patient. Years from now I will read this post and laugh at the walls I broke through. Never give up.

Life is Beautiful

The universe will always provide the right answer. Sometimes it strays for a bit, yet it will always lead back to the right track. As Nassim Haramein said in a chat about Transcending Your Story, “every molecule in the universe is linked together..”

The universe has a unique way of orchestrating life. It can be something as simple as having the exact amount of ingredients to make a meal, to the complications of bringing family together for a funeral or a wedding. It creates a delicate dance in where everything will be at the right place at the right time.

It is being there to inspire a friend to run a race who then encourages another friend to finish the race, all while you are telling her hubby she has passed him and has finished already. It is having a family member pass on just to welcome another a few days later.

Sure life can be complicated. At the same time it is beautiful.

What a magical day!

With everyday comes some kind of magic. This weekend I ran my first half-marathon. It was such a magical moment for me. Not only was it a gorgeous day for the end of September, and I was surrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery, and the most special part was having my husband and 2 daughters there to cheer me on.

During my training, I hadn’t quite reached the full distance of my race. Towards the end of the race I almost got myself all chocked up and nearly started to hyperventilate. I was so proud of myself for getting as far as I had. I kept thinking with every step I took it was one step further than I had previously gone.

The running community is also such a fabulous group of people. My husband was telling my story to everyone he met. I had complete strangers coming up to me to wish me a great race. One lady I started the race with said she met my husband in the coffee shop that morning, and he was telling her of my story. Everyone was out there to have fun, and everyone was in support of everyone else. It is an exillerating feeling to have a total stranger cheering you on, telling you what an awesome job you are doing and that you are almost at the finish line. There was also a cheer squad there with signs saying you are doing this for you. It is so true. I was doing this for me.

I’m not sure what possessed me to run a half-marathon. I was never a runner before. I actually wanted to run it a few years ago for my oldest daughter’s first birthday. By the time I logged onto my computer, the race was full. The universe was trying to tell me I had a different kind of marathon to run that year, as a few months later I was pregnant again with my second daughter. So, my girls are that little bit older, I was no longer breast feeding, and the hubby offered to babysit. I joined a learn to run class, ran my second 5 k in July, ran my first 10 k a couple weeks ago, and now met my goal time of 3 hours for my half-marathon. I even finished the race carrying my youngest across the line.

The magical moments can be a whole day like it was for me, or it can simply be a small moment of peace you may experience. Take time to make magic for yourself, and appreciate the beauty of life.