Manifesting your dreams.

I have talked before about manifesting my house, and many others have talked on the subject of positive thinking and self-manifestations before.

Some things I have learned about manifesting my dreams is first, it all starts with a dream. At this point Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s famous words echo in my head, “I have a dream…”

I have always been great at dreaming, both while awake and asleep. As a kid I always wanted to drive a BMW. Now as an adult, I have my BMW. I wanted to get my degree from the University of Calgary; I now have that degree. I’ve always loved watching TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” and wondered how to get one of those mystical $5,000 shopping cards. I believe I have found my solution to having my fashion shopping spree by becoming a rep in a direct marketing jewelry company. These are only a few of my dreams.

Another note on manifestation as Dr Wayne Dyer puts it, is it real. Can you picture yourself living your dream? Olympic gold medalist, Mark Tewksbury said while he was training for the Barcelona Olympics he would go to hockey games. When ever anyone would cheer, he imagined they were cheering for him. Another example is from NBC’s Minute to Win It from the other night. The girl ended up winning $250,000. Before each challenge she would focus and visualize herself winning the challenge. She even had the audience visualizing her winning. Her goal was to leave with enough money to bring her family back together. To help keep her dream of winning real, she made herself a cheque from NBC for $1,000,000 which she carried around with her.

Write down your dreams and share them with people. When you share your dreams with your friends and family, it holds you accountable to your dreams. If you meet resistance, tell yourself you are worthy of making your dreams come true.

Don’t be afraid to dream BIG! As long as you are open and patient, anything can be achieved. Patience is a big key as well as most times our dreams take time to unfold.

Make it your own. In the movie, “Bobby,” Samuel L Jackson plays the head chef at the hotel where Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. He tells a story of trying to make his Grandmother’s famous blueberry cobbler. Each time he made it, it was either too sweet, or not sweet enough. It was when he decided to do make it his own way that it became perfect. The same goes for your dreams. Don’t try to live someone else’s dreams and don’t make someone else live your dreams.

From Walt Disney’s Cinderella, “A dream is a wish your heart makes…” As the Bible says, “all will be provided for you.” What are your dreams? Ask yourself that, visualize yourself achieving those dreams and keep it real, then watch your dreams come true.


“The Shift”

I watched Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “The Shift” last night. What a profound movie. I went and saw Dr. Dyer speak this past week on the philosophies presented in the movie. He talks of us all having a purpose, and part of our greater purpose is to be happy. It is about discovering and achieving your greatest potential in your lifetime.

When I was a teenager, I had a feeling I wanted to be a motivational speaker. When I first had the feeling, I thought to myself, “Who, you? You’re too shy, how could you possibly become a motivational speaker?” Being a young, naive, teenager, I dismissed my thought, and moved on with my life.

As time grew on, this feeling arose again. It arose more recently in life, and I decided to act upon it. This blog is part of my path to becoming a world renown motivational/inspirational speaker.

I found my lost path again 4 years ago while preparing for my wedding. Like all brides excited about planning her dream wedding, I went to a bunch of wedding fairs. There was one in particular where I walked past a booth called Calgary Fit Brides. I started talking to the founder/trainer of the program, Adrianne. I instantly clicked with him, and when I got home, I told my husband to be I wanted to do the Fit Bride program. Ry asked me if there was a Fit Groom program, so we asked, and there was. Seeing our potential and the strength Ry and I had together, Adrianne ended up tailoring our program into a couple’s program. It was Adrianne who introduced Ry and I to “The Secret,” as well, he introduced us to our great friend, Lars.

It was with “The Secret,” and our meeting of Lars where my spiritual journey, or “Shift,” really began. I grew up in a Christian household and went to church almost every Sunday. I felt really confused about religion. I believe in the stories, and I felt there was more to the whole church idea. Also, being shy and quiet during my younger years allowed me a lot of time to reflect and contemplate life. In fact, when I told my dad about my philosophies on the whole Adam and Eve story, he said to me, “I didn’t realize you were so philosophical.” “The Secret,” opened my eyes to some new ideas, and reinforced ideas I realized I had been practicing all along. It helped me to slow down, and trust in the universe that everything happens for a reason and would be provided for when the time is right.

Meeting Lars brought me further down the path. He has been a great friend, a great listener, and an encourager. He also helped me meet a motivational speaker, Cheryl. Shortly after I gave birth to my first daughter I attended a meeting at the Bodymind Institute with my husband. I was there simply as an observer as I was simply trying to kill some time while waiting for Ryan. There were a bunch of new faces at this meeting, so everyone was introducing themselves. It came Cheryl’s turn, and she mentioned she was a motivational speaker. I made a mental note to myself, I needed to talk to her. I was too nervous that night to talk to her, and I was a bit disappointed as I didn’t know when I could talk to her again. There was a retreat for the Bodymind group happening that my husband was attending. I was extended a welcome to join the retreat so I could have Ryan’s help with our new-born daughter. Cheryl happened to be at the retreat, and I was able to pick her brain the entire weekend. I asked her how she became a motivational speaker, and she told me her story. I then said I felt as though motivational speakers always had some kind of story to share. It was then I figured out mine.

Shortly after meeting Cheryl, I started writing. I was more writing my thoughts with the intention of publishing a book down the road and then becoming a motivational speaker. It was Lars who encouraged me to share the story of how positive thinking manifested my house, that got me blogging 3 times a week.

I am so eager and excited now to learn more about self-awakening and to share what I learn with other people. I know there will come a day where I am standing on stage inspiring others to find themselves. I know there will be a day when I have the honor to meet the most humbling inspirer, Dr. Wayne Dyer. I am an inspirer myself. Who inspires you, and what shift has your life made?

Just for today, I will not worry.

Tell yourself each morning, that just for today, I will not worry. When you eliminate worry from your life, you also eliminate stress. When you eliminate worry and stress, you open your heart to find answers that will help you solve your problems.

I realized I left my cell phone at work last night. At first I was worried about it, but I realized, it is just a phone. The worst case scenario is I would need to get a new phone. At the same time, that wouldn’t be a horrible thing as my husband has been wanting a newer phone with a camera in front so he can do Skype calling from his phone. As mentioned before, in Excuses Begone, Dr. Wayne Dyer asks, “is it 100% true?” The positive can be just as true as the negative, so why focus on the negative. Instead, focus your energies on the positives and positive results will happen.

Try the lesson of telling yourself before you get out of bed in the morning, or anytime you start feeling stressed that “just for today, I will not worry;” then the opportunities will start to pour in.

Positive thinking manifested my house!

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get everything they want, while others struggle to make it through each day? Well, I’ll let you in on what some people have coined The Secret.

Recently my husband and I bought and moved into a new house. As many of you know the economic times we are in are less than stellar. In terms of real estate, it certainly is a buyers market. However, we  did not let the doom and gloom of market analysts prevent us from selling our house so we could buy another.

We decided we wanted to move away from the big city and into one of the surrounding towns. We approached our house hunt with the attitude that we were not forced to sell our house in the city, and that the house we wanted had to completely meet all our needs.

After a few months of shopping, we finally found a house that both Ry and I loved. It met all our needs, as it is a nice big bungalow with enough bedrooms for all of us, and enough space to harbor all our big items like our piano, hutch and pool table. From the moment we walked in the house, we knew it was going to be our home. To get us all excited about our house, we started to call it our daughter’s dancing house so even Reika would be excited about our new home.

Our last house was a house we had built, and of course was the house that we had brought our 2 beautiful children home from the hospital to. In the past I have been one to hold onto the emotional value of things. This time around I knew I had to let go of my emotional tie in order to get the house we wanted. I thanked our house for providing us with shelter, and decided I would always have the wonderful memories.

From the moment we listed our old house, we started to visualize it selling quickly. We believed we had a unique house, as it was a walk-out bi-level in amongst a community full of 2 stories. We thought we’d be getting a ton of viewings, but we only seemed to have a smattering here and there on the weekends. We were trying to figure out why our house wasn’t selling. Our realtor suggested we lower our price, and we weren’t all that keen on doing so.

Instead of getting discouraged, I decided to use a visualization technique mentioned in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book Excuses Begone. I made myself a list. The first thing I put on my list was that we were worthy of our house. We were moving back to Ry’s home town where his parents still live. They of course wanted us to be moving for the right reasons, and not moving there because they were there. We were moving because we wanted to move. I wanted to raise our kids in a smaller community where they would be close to schools. At the current inflated prices of housing in the city, the city was unable to provide us with that opportunity.

Next on my list was that we were going to sell our house quickly and close to our target price. The average house in our area was selling for about 60 days. We managed to sell our within about 45 days and for just under our target low. We were fortunate that we had bought our house before the boom, so in the end we did make money on our house.

Then I wrote down that we were going to move in before Christmas. We were prepared to get some interim financing so we could move our essentials to our new house to be able to host Christmas, then we thought we could slowly move the rest of our stuff over after Christmas. Well, it turned out the people buying our house wanted a quick possession, and also wanted to be in before Christmas. Since the house we were buying was vacant, we had no problems moving before Christmas.

I also wrote down that we were going to sell our house by November 15, 2010. The offer came in about a week from that date.

As well, I wrote that our home inspection was going to be well worth our time and money. Both our parents were concerned that we would have the home inspection and then someone else would end up buying the house we were after. Since we were buying an older home, we explained to them that we needed to do the inspection before we committed to buying the house. That way if there was something drastically wrong with the house, we would not have bought it. It turned out there was nothing wrong, and the home inspector informed us we had a solid house where no expense had been spared in building it or renovating it.

Once we lowered our price, the showings came flooding in. Ry and I actually joked that we would end up with a bidding war in the end. We did end up receiving 2 offers on our house, but decided to only accept the one.

One thing Wayne Dyer asks in Excuses Begone, “Is it true?” He asks how do you know for certain that the negative outcome is 100% true. You don’t. Therefore, why focus your attention on the negative, instead focus your attention on the positive, and positive results will happen.

Through our buying and selling experience I kept the positive attitude, even when those around me were tempting me with their negative thoughts. With a little determination, and a positive attitude, you can achieve anything.